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I told my kids to tell me what they want. Oh dear...

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

One of the best parts of being a father is getting a deeper understanding of God as my Father.

Julina and Amelie know that if they made a mess, they must clean up. However, when Liana, my youngest, made a mess, that was a different story. Yesterday, I asked Julina and Amelie to clean up the mess Liana made. They started to ask me what I am going to do if they clean up the mess they did not make. I answered with a question: “What would you guys like me to do? I can give you whatever you want.”

They were so excited. They are going to get what they want. At first, they asked me chocolate or cake. ‘Of course,’ I thought. But before I was even able to answer, they stopped me and said, “That is not it”. They realised it is a too small reward for such a big effort.

The little worker’s union was formed. After quite a long discussion and negotiation, they came up with a request. One hand I was excited to hear what they came up with. On the other hand, I was worried that if it is something expensive. The reward they asked me was me. They just want to spend time with me. We call it “Appa (Daddy in Korean) time”. Each of them would take one hour of Appa time. My kid’s biggest reward is having time with me. Oh, how blessed Appa I am.

As I was enjoying the moment, I asked myself. How much do I long for having time with God as my reward? At the end of the day, after all the work, if God who can give me anything asked me what do I want, would my answer be having time with my heavenly father?

What about you?

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