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Dumb Sheep

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Have you seen those funny animal videos on YouTube?

I saw one of the videos that sheep fall but they cannot stand up by themselves. Someone must push him up to stand back up. I thought that is hilarious. If you look at sheep, they are dumb.

One day, I was doing quite-time and I was looking at Psalm 23.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures…

As I am reading the scripture, God spoke to me “Acksios, you're a sheep and I am the shepherd. You do not know stuff. You are like those dumb sheep from the video. I realised how much I am trying to do things my way. I think I am the super sheep which independent and smart. Oh, dear… I need to ask GOD more. I cannot find a good posture. I must follow my shepherd. I repented of my pride.

Some weeks later, I saw an article which says someone bought a sheep for 490 000 Dollars in the UK. A sheep! ONE sheep! Not a huddle of sheep. One sheep. I shared with this unbelievable news with Elli. "Elli did you see this news? somebody paid 490 000 dollars for a dumb sheep". As soon as I said that God made a little connection that I am the sheep. Jesus paid his life for dumb sheep like me. I did not know what to say but thank you. Oh… unbelievable…

While I am making this video, I found this video which talks about green posture. You should watch it.

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