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Cookie Fundraising 2020

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Update: Thank you so much to all who ordered cookies or simply gave. We are beyond blessed by your kindness and generosity. We were able to fully pay off all of our debt and put some money aside to cover future medial or visa costs.

10-24 December 2020 – We are currently running a Christmas Cookie Fundraiser: (Facebook event page:

Most families in Germany bake hundreds of cookies over the Christmas season. We have chosen eight of our favourite recipes to share with you. You should smell the fragrance in our house over the last few days – cinnamon, cloves, baked shortbread, freshly ground nuts, homemade marzipan. It is a feast for the senses! Have a try or gift them to someone special.

We are doing this fundraiser because we had a few larger bills this year related to Liana’s medical condition, with a fair number of check-ups with specialists, and fees related to our communication with our visa lawyer. These expenses put us into a minus of about 5,000 AUD. This fundraiser’s aim is to put a bit of a dent into that debt as we are also working on slowly paying it all off.

Your choices of Christmas cookie boxes:

Sprinkles: 15 Cookie cutter cookies – a traditional German kids shortbread cookie with fun sprinkles. 10 AUD

Small: 10 Coconut Macaroons – full of coconut flavour, crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside (GF, DF and suitable for those with celiac disease). AUD 10

Gourmet … A selection of our handmade gourmet Christmas cookies: 4x Black and White Cookies – Chocolate and Vanilla shortbread cookies with freshly ground hazelnuts 2x Spitzbuben – Vanilla shortbread cookies sandwiched together with apricot jam 2x Berlin Bread – A fragrant spice cake kind of cookie with hazelnuts and almonds 2x Linzer Cookies – Shortbread made with freshly ground almonds and filled with raspberry jam 4x Butter-S – Buttery shortbread with a hint of lemon, sprinkled with pearl sugar 3x Hazelnut-Cherry Rounds – Hazelnut shortbread cookies with a little crunch and filled with cherry jam 2x Coconut Macaroons – full of coconut flavour, crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside (GF, DF and suitable for those with celiac disease if ordered in a small box)

2x Orange-Trees - Shortbread cookies scented with fresh orange zest and sandwiched together with marmalade

Custom orders welcome! Just give us a few days’ notices, so we can have the cookies ready for you in time.

Order by Friday, Dec 18 and pick up between Monday, Dec 14 and Christmas Eve. (Free delivery with any order of 2+ Gourmet boxes, or 4+ smaller boxes!)

Message Acksios or Elli wherever you send messages from with your order and date: Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Email or a simple phone call. 😊

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