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A Tool to Find Life

(Acksios wrote this article in March 2021, but we never ended up publishing it. Reading it again now, I think it is worth the read! :) - Elli)

Our last couple of months have been busy because of the cloud migration project our YWAM Perth IT team is working on. To help our staff work more efficiently, we are implementing a cloud system here on base, which means moving our emails and files to online storage. It is a lot of work to clean our 35-year-old system, as well as to make the process smooth. To do that, we test and test and work through this project. I believe it will all be done by the end of 2021.

Another exciting project that I have been following is Nasa’s 2020 Mars project. On the 18th of Feb 2021 the discovery robot Perseverance (Rover) landed on Mars after 7 months of travel. The robot has the most advanced technology you can imagine. A whole testing lab is in the robot and is is controlled from the earth. Think about this: It is a remote-controlled car that sends photo and videos from Mars. Light must travel 12 seconds to get from Mars to earth. The rocket took 7 months to get there. It is an amazing tool. It has many purposes but the main mission of this tool is to find proof of life on Mars.

One late night, it was almost midnight, I was working on the YWAM Perth migration project and had to wait for the system to complete a task. As I was waiting, I watched a video of the Mars project. I noticed that it was uploaded in 2018, 3 years ago. The video shows an almost finished product. I started to think about how long they would have taken to build and plan this. It would be at least 6 – 8 years altogether. What a dedication to finding proof of life on Mars. As I was amused by Nasa’s Mars Project team, God tapped my shoulder and told me, “They are developing a tool to find a proof of life on Mars, and you are developing a tool to find proof of life in people.” He opened my eyes to see what I am doing. The Lord humbled me and encouraged me.

Yes, Media is not just about making an online system, emails, brochures, websites, flyers, applications, databases, videos. We are creating tools to find proof of life in people – the image of God in people and His original purpose for them. Everyone in YWAM Perth is making tools as well as being a tool; to know God and make Him known.

Thank you so much for all of you who are a part of this project by praying for us, and financial giving. You are a part of this amazing finding-life-in-the-people project team. Let’s do this!


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